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Gift Trees for Christmas

We are now running a special campaign offering brands & businesses the option to gift trees to employees for Christmas. Get your company dashboard profile now, and gift trees to your employees.

Mont Gele Gear
Birra Arcadia
PTI Digital
Murray Uniforms
Movistar Team
Mont Gele Gear
Birra Arcadia
For Laughs´Sake
PTI Digital
Murray Uniforms
Movistar Team

Empowering brands & businesses

We provide Reforestation as a Service through our digital products, built to automate the process of tree planting and impact verification, uniting a community of sustainable brands & businesses.

Real-time tree counters

Verification dashboard

Digital widget/banner

Individual tree tracking

Proof of Work

Traceable impact

A sustainability journey
with powerful storytelling.

Corporate sustainability is a journey. Every journey has a story to tell. We help brands and businesses to walk the talk, and build storytelling around their sustainability efforts. How It Works


Sustainable Journey

From automated tree planting and offsetting models to corporate sustainability. We kickstart and scale your sustainability journey tailored to your brand's needs.

Powerful Storytelling

Consumers love storytelling. We help you to craft your story and build a sustainable brand image with an eco-friendly consumer experience.

Plug & Plant with Forestmatic.

How to get started? We make it simple and easy. Choose your reforestation model and integrate our digital products.

Tree Planting Models

Tree planting models for any brand or business.

Step 1

Begin by choosing a tree planting model that suits your business. Plant a tree per product sold, per service supplied, per employee employed, per... anything your business desires. We are here to serve you. Learn more about tree planting models in our service portfolio.

Our reforestation services empower your business to effortlessly plant trees. Our digital products reassure transparent exposure to your green impact. Our widgets/banners and dashboard generate reliability and trust around your green impact. These are low-code, easily installed and compatible with every website.

Widgets and banners to inform all website traffic about your impact. A public dashboard profile to track your sustainable progress, individual trees, proof of work, and overall impact. But it doesn't end here. We keep building digital products and tools to keep your efforts in the spotlight.

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What about tree planting?

Forestmatic plants with specialised global reforestation partners to reassure the survival and longevity of each tree planted. Together with our partners we aim at maximizing the sustainable impact on a global scale.







Tree Planting Partners

Sustainable Development Goals

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are key to driving global climate actions. This is where Forestmatic fits in.


Climate Actions

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Our activities are primarily directed towards climate action with a strong focus in strengthening resilience and education on climate-related hazards and natural disasters those countries we operate in. Targets 13.1; 13.2


Life on Land

Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and stop biodiversity loss. Targets 15.1; 15.2; 15.3; 15.5; 15.6


No Poverty

Through our partnership with Kijani Forestry, we assist in building resilience for people in vulnerable situations and reduce their exposure to climate-related extreme events, as well as other economic, social, and environmental shocks and disasters. Target 1.5


Partnerships for the Goals

Through established international partnerships with Kijani Forestry and Greenstand, and our membership in the global Greentech Alliance, we are taking action against climate change on a global scale, maximising our united effort to achieve the SDGs.


A few frequently asked questions.


How do I know my trees are actually being planted?

We provide full transparency and traceability through our public verification dashboard. Individual tree tracking coming soon.


How do I know which brands are reforesting?

The Forestmatic dashboard has a profile for all client brands and businesses planting trees or offsetting carbon footprint with us.


Why do you charge a service fee?

Forestmatic charges a service fee to all clients accounting for administrative expenses, custom tech developments or enhancements, and maintenance.


Can any brand or business start reforesting?

Yes. Any brand or business can partner with us, given that they are willing to transparently display their global reforestation impact.

Success Stories

Let's look at some of the success stories and business integrations Forestmatic has accompolished so far.

Mont Gele Gear Logo

This sustainable ski brand is planting a tree for every transaction made through their e-commerce & flagship stores.

Mont Gele Gear
Volvo Logo

This Volvo department has planted a tree for each participant in their event, introducing a new electric car to the Spanish market.

Volvo Car España - Aprendizaje y Desarrollo
Armasteel Logo

This steel processor is offsetting emissions generated by transport of steel through carbon credits & planting trees.

For Laughs´Sake Logo

Live event promoters for comedians, planting a tree for every event ticket sold.

For Laughs' Sake
onlymusix logo

An NFT marketplace planting a tree for every music NFT released in their platform.

PTI Digital logo

Consultants to sports & entertainment venues, offsetting the carbon footprint associated to corporate travel.

PTI Digital
Murray Uniforms logo

A uniform manufacturer which has planted a tree for each participant present during their "Sustainability Meets Innovation" live event.

Opening a new chapter for Earth

We all buy thousands of products and services every year. Together we could be reforesting billions of trees. Are you ready to begin?

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