A corporate solution providing proof of planting through individual tree
tracking, and proof of survival through drone data, driving a new standard of transparency & communication for high-quality tree planting initiatives that go beyond carbon offsets.

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Empowering businesses
to become more sustainable.

We provide a data driven digital solution connecting brands and businesses with high impact global tree planting projects, using proof of planting and survival to drive transparency and reliability.

Real-time tree counters

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Global Tree Tracker

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Proof-of-planting & survival


Hi there...
I'm a Forestmatic Tree.

All Forestmatic trees are individually tracked roughly two months post-planting to verify and ensure our standard while providing proof of work. Here is a comparison from two months to two years post-planting. Last but not least, trees can be nicknamed, shared, and more:

Give me a nickname

Gift me to someone

Verify my status

Support my growth

The Tree Journey Visit Rick

Introducing Proof-of-
Planting & Survival.

At Forestmatic we perform individual tree tracking, resulting in geo-oriented data for each tree planted, defined as "Proof-of-Planting". We have now introduced high-resolution drone footage captured roughly one year after individual tree tracking, defined as "Proof-of-Survival".

Individual tree tracking

Individual tree data

Site drone monitoring

Transparency for all

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What can you do with Forestmatic?

Having trouble identifying how tree planting could fit inside your business operations? Here are a few ideas...

Business illustrations by Storyset

Corporate Gifts

Provide a meaningful gift to your customers or clients powered by a unique digital experience.

Business illustrations by Storyset

CO2 Compensation

Compensate for carbon emmissions generated by your business's operating activities.

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Sustainable Incentives

Reward your employees, collaborators and ambassadors by planting trees on their behalf.

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Plant a Tree per Action

Integrate with us and fully automate tree planting based on user engagement.

How to get started Step by Step.

How to get started? We make it simple and easy. Choose your tree planting formula and perform the following steps.

Quantity, Location & Order

How many trees? Where? Let's do it!

Step 1

Begin by deciding on the quantity of trees your business is going to plant, and where they will be planted. Get in contact with our team to place your order.

Prepare your corporate campaign to make the most out of your sustainability journey. Gift trees to clients, customers or employees, plant a tree per user action or transaction, think outside of the box and let us know how we can help.

Leverage our unique tree IDs and links which provide you with the ability to share each individual tree to a different party or entity. A tree link will take you directly to your tree on our global Tree Tracker.

Try out a Tree Link!

Planting Projects

Tree Planting Locations

Forestmatic plants with specialised global tree planting partners to reassure the survival and longevity of each tree planted. Together with our partners we aim at maximizing the sustainable impact on a global scale.

starting at 3.88€‎/tree

Southern Thailand

Verified tree planting with the CNF project.

More Info
starting at 3.75€‎/tree

The Peruvian Amazon

Verified tree planting with the Camino Verde project.

More Info
starting at 3.2€‎/tree

Northern Uganda

Verified tree planting with the Kijani Forestry project.

More Info
See All Projects

Sustainable Development Goals

The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are key to driving global climate actions. This is where Forestmatic and our projects fit in.

Success Stories

Let's look at some of the success stories and business integrations Forestmatic has accompolished so far.

SunCoast Blood Centers

A non-profit blood bank planting and gifting a tree for ever blood donation during 2022.

SunCoast Blood Centers
Mont Gele Gear Logo

This sustainable ski brand is planting a tree for every transaction made through their e-commerce & flagship stores.

Mont Gele Gear
Movistar Team

Live Planting event with the Movistar Team, planting 1000 trees in Sanguesa, Spain to offset their entire 2019 carbon footprint.

Movistar Team
Volvo Logo

This Volvo department has planted a tree for each participant in their event, introducing a new electric car to the Spanish market.

Volvo Car España - Aprendizaje y Desarrollo
Armasteel Logo

This steel processor is offsetting emissions generated by transport of steel through carbon credits & planting trees.

For Laughs´Sake Logo

Live event promoters for comedians, planting a tree for every event ticket sold.

Blog & News

Visit our blog & newsroom.

Opening a new chapter for Earth

The difference between planting a tree and making a real environmental impact, is growing and monitoring it.

Start Planting Now