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Digital products for
sustainability efforts.

Digital products built to bring transparency, reliability and verification to your corporate tree planting investments and communication.

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Digitalized Individual Trees

Trees make a Strong Impression.

All Forestmatic trees are individually tracked. Each tree has it's own tree capture, planter selfie and planting data. In addition, each tree can be nicknamed to enhance the user experience! Every tree has its own unique Tree ID and Link, making it easy to share any tree with any person all around the world.

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Digital Dashboard Profile

Forestmatic Dashboard Profiles.

Planting any quantity of trees with Forestmatic provides your business with a visual and analytical dashboard profile for 365 days. Displaying a variety of metrics, project insights, and individual tree captures and data for each tree planted.

Sustainability Profile

Location & Traceability


Individual Tree Tracking

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Digital Tool

Forestmatic Tree Tracker.

A digital tool providing a unique user experience with data about each individual tree such as a tree capture, planter selfie, capture date, location and impact owner. A Tree can be found by searching for its Tree ID, or shared using its Tree Link. Trees can even be nicknamed and shared across any social platform.

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Digital Tool

Forestmatic Tree Inspector.

A digital tool designed to provide detailed insights regarding each individual tree, the lifecycle phases, and it's progress along those phases over time. Each tree can once again be share using its unique Tree Inspector Link.

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Digital Widget

Real-time tree counting
with Forestmatic Widget.

Digital widgets are deployed to client websites and stores to generate engagement and awareness of the real-time tree count upon point of action or transaction.

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Fully Responsive

Real-time Counter

Customizable Text

Digital Banner

Real-time tree counting
with Forestmatic Banners.

An elegant banner for your website with an automated tree counter. Our banners are fully responsive and able to integrate with any website or online stores.

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Fully Responsive

Real-time Counter

Customizable Text

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Entering the Physical Space.

Brands can further generate exposure to their sustainable impact by spreading tailored QR codes around their stores and products, redirecting any visitor to their dashboard profile.

Early adopter

Mont Gele Gear is a premium ski brand, planting trees for products sold through their online and physical stores. Visit their website to see our widget in action, or view their dashboard profile.

Early adopter

Armasteel is planting trees to offset CO2 emmisions from product transportation from source to site. Visit their website to learn more about their sustainability journey, or view their dashboard profile.

Lets Plant Trees!

Power your brand's sustainability.

An interactive and digital path towards sustainable business. Planting trees with proof of work, verification and tracking.

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