Forestmatic Solution - SEQUOIA Version

Updated 10/02/2023

Sequoia Version Description

Forestmatic’s Sequoia Version is our third major version release. In this version of our solution we focused on introducing additional data points and information about our projects, trees and their impact to the end users. We are also releasing additional technological advancements during the year 2023 in regard to impact and geo-location monitoring.

Dashboard Profiles – have received minor visual and responsive improvements.

Tree Tracker – has received a total make-over with new base maps, tree clustering techniques, and overall responsive imporvements.

Tree Inspector NEW – a new tool in this release which provides platform users with the ability to inspect any tree directly from our Tree Tracker, obtaining detailed information about that tree's current status and its journey in time.

Admin Panel NEW – a portal for Forestmatic clients to gain access to their Forestmatic profile details.

Widgets & Banners – have been performing without any failures on any self coded website and majority CMS providors e.g. wordpress/wix.

In the Sequoia Version of our solution, we aim to continue generating and deploying improvements and updates, at any given time. Our team continues to take all necessary steps in privacy and data security, as well as securities to reassure solution reliability.

Even though we take all measures to maintain our 100% solution availability; bugs, malfunctionings and/or solution downtimes may take place. Forestmatic will not be held liable for any solution reliability claims. We will take all actions necessary to solve any bugs or malfunctioning as soon as possible.

We perform daily reviews and tests to overview the solution’s operational performance. If at any point of time, debugging and/or maintenance work is required, our team will take immediate action.

For all the reasons hereby explained, we encourage you to provide any feedback, comments, ideas, improvements or suggestions with respect to the solution and service. This information shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Forestmatic, who may adopt any suggestion for any intended purpose and in any way, without any credit or any compensation, in order to improve the service as part of its Sequoia Version.

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