The Purpose-Driven Company

Updated 01/01/2022

The purpose behind Forestmatic:

In the name of economic good we have sacrificed the wellbeing of entire communities; we have torn apart immeasurable resources from our planet; we have endangered the environmental balance that allows us and every other species on this planet to prosper. To prosper, not to grow.

Because prosperity lies in balance. A delicate balance between our responsibilities and the environment we operate in, between our economy, our society, our culture, our laws, and the way we interact with everything that surrounds us, with the environment, with other species, with nature.

Pollution is devastating the ecosystem we live in. Our practices are leading to one of the worst natural crises in recent history, with countless natural disasters summing up year after year at a devastating rate.

Now, what if the economy was actually good for Nature? This question is the very reason Forestmatic exists.

We are purpose driven tech company that knows the only way to make a difference is through people - conscious individuals that care for the Earth, contributing to a common cause, and actively involved in making this world a better place. Forestmatic was built by a small team, striving to change the world for the better.

And this is why we want to promote a higher organizational purpose, to enable our people and communities to make a difference. We want to provide a meaningful purpose enabled by technology and built over trust, innovation and sustainability.

Because a higher purpose is not really about economic exchanges. It is about empowering people and accomplishing a common goal. Leveraging the power businesses hold to promote a larger purpose that drives necessary change and creates a better version of this World.

We at Forestmatic stand for community & business transparency, trustworthiness, and positive and sustainable environmental impact. Our business is committed to always satisfy the highest standards of our purpose.

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