Forestmatic Sustainability Reporting

Updated 10/04/2023

Our Corporate Sustainability Reporting

As a purpose-driven company operating day in and out in the sustainability field, Forestmatic is dedicated to lead by example. Therefore, we have been voluntarily compensating for our corporate estimated carbon footprint by planting one tree per day since Forestmatic has been founded. You may visit our dashboard profile and verify our trees by clicking the widget below.

In addition to this, we are reporting the methodology and details behind our corporate footprint estimations through our annual Forestmatic Sustainability Report. These reports are publicly available below:

# Year Released by Document
1 2021 Forestmatic Sustainability Report 2021
2 2022 Forestmatic Pending release...
3 2023 Forestmatic Pending release...

Contact US

If you have any questions about our carbon footprint estimations and compensation, please contact us by email: [email protected].