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How To Get Started

Outlining a few basic steps that will guide you towards making a successful impact investment with Forestmatic.

How To Get Started

The 6 base steps our solution brings to the table.

Our base solution is designed to empower brands and businesses to plant trees and offset CO2 of products, services and business activities. We have fit the process into six steps. Keep in mind that we are able to tailor our solution to any specific needs.

Define why you are planting

Decide on the best tree planting model tailored to your business. Send us an email or fill out our form to get in touch about the details.

Integrate digital products

Visit our product portfolio to see our digital widgets and banners, and decide which fits your website or store best. Low-code and easily installed by anyone.


Plant trees & offset CO2

Automated models empowering all brands and businesses to plant trees. Starting with digital stores, now also available for physical sales.

Track & trace your impact

Our public verification dashboard has a profile for each loyal tree planting client to show off, verify, track and trace all of their sustainable efforts.

Build a loyal audience

More than a sustainable image, we bring a fresh, eco-friendly digital experience to you buyers and users. Giving them the power to plant trees with you.

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Combat climate change

Contribute to a global objective, and become the green hero of tomorrow. We empower you to make a powerful impact by planting trees for a greener earth.

Are you ready to start this journey with us?

Read more about us or get in contact to kick-start your tree planting.