The Peruvian Amazon

Forestmatic and Camino Verde partner for tree planting operations in Peru, targeting Amazon ecosystem restoration, indigenous community support and biodiversity preservation.


Forestmatic x Camino Verde

The deforestation rate in the Amazon region in the last decade has been approximately 120 000 ha/year. In recent years, this rate has increased by 40%, with more and more forested areas being converted to cropland for coffee, cocoa, and palm oil, and its effects are devastating to the ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Tree Nursery

With dedicated tree nurseries, seeds are nurtured from seedlings into saplings, before being planted in designated, geo-referenced planting sites.

Quality Assessment

After being planted in accordance with Regenerative Agroforestry practices, trees are individually tracked and digitized for assessment of quality conditions and survival rates.

Proof of Planting

We provide 1 capture as proof-of-planting of all trees planted that have been positively assessed.

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Beyond a
Carbon Offset Project.

With over 400 native tree species planted to date, Camino Verde’s reforestation centers and tree nurseries form a one-of-a-kind Seed Bank of Amazonian biodiversity. A database that includes over 600 plant species in their managed areas.

Seed Bank

Biodiversity Preservation

Community sourced

Indigenous Support

Camino Verde Project

A glimpse into the world of our partners and the work they are championing with our collaborative tree-planting projects.

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Project Insight

The Project Description

In the last decade, the deforestation rate in the Amazon forest region has been approximately 120.000 ha/year, with a 40% increase in recent years due to the rise in demand of coffee, cocoa and palm oils devastating the ecosystem. This devastation has led to an estimated 8 million hectares of degraded land to be restored. The Peruvian Amazon is home to more than 300 thousand indigenous people from over 40 different ethnic groups. So far, an estimated 1200 Indigenous communities have been directly affected by deforestation, illegal mining, and illicit logging.

Through our partners on the ground, we work with native communities and engage with tropical smallholders and indigenous community members. We are stimulating the Amazonian regeneration through a rehabilitation approach of farming systems focused on soil regeneration, increased biodiversity and improved water cycle. From reforested trees, fruits and non-timber products are produced, benefitting local communities who consume or sell these products while the trees enrich their forests.

With 2 nurseries managed by our local partners, up to 50.000 seedlings are produced every year, with agroforestry training and tools provided to local farmers to restore their degraded lands. By managing 200 acres of degraded land, we can contribute to conserving an additional 200 hectares of native forest.

We estimate that through our restoration activities, each tree can contribute to sequestering about 72,44Kg CO2e over a 20 years period (estimated using the IPCC in forest carbon stocks assessment). Estimations & Conversions

Project SDGs

By supporting this work, we are directly contributing to 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (U.N.). As a recognized actor by the U.N. of the “Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” we are proud to promote Decent Work & Economic Growth (SDG 8), Responsible Consumption & Production (SDG 12), Climate Action (SDG 13), Life on Land (SDG 15), and Partnerships for the Goals (SDG 17).

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