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Forestmatic x Conserve Natural Forests

Everything you need to know about how, where and what we plant in our Forestmatic x CNF partnership.

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Forestmatic x CNF for tree planting activities in Thailand.

Forestmatic is partnering with CNF for tree planting activities in Thailand, with the objective to conserve and protect forest and animal biodiversity.

Tree Nursery

CNF has a tree nursery on site for the nursing of seedlings into saplings, before they are planted in the designated planting sites.

Planting Site

Dedicated and protected spaces of land for permanent tree planting, aimed at ecosystem and biodiversity conservation.

Proof Of Work

Forestmatic x CNF is all about transparency & trust. We provide 1 capture as proof-of-planting of all trees planted.

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Beyond reforestation
and tree planting.

"The youth of today and tomorrow will carry the torch to a sustainable future – and bear the costs if we do not act." - Conserve Natural Forests
CNF invests a significant amount of time into their educational efforts with the local youth, as well as the regions' community in the combat against forest fires.


Fire Management

Agroforestry Systems (AFS)

Pai, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Conserve Natural Forests plants trees in the Pai forest area. Home to a variety of tree and animal species, natural hotspring and waterfalls.

tree species

We plant diverse
tree species.

Forestmatic x CNF plants a wide variety of different tree species to support the natural ecosystem and it's biodiversity. We plant mainly native species which naturally thrive in the ecosystem, but also introduce few exotic species which are non invasive.

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Impact in Thailand

The Amazon is the world's biggest rain forest, home to 30% of the plant's species, 20% of the fresh water, and the largest river in the world. The forest hosts an estimated 390 billion trees with more than 16000 different tree species.

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Generated Impact

Forestmatic x Conserve Natural Forests

Forestmatic x CNF plants trees to restore and conserve the biodiversity and animal wildlife, but it doesn't end there. See the full extent of the positive impact our partnership is able to generate.

Tree Planting

Planting trees to voluntary compensate for carbon emissions.


Working towards the conservation of the biodiversity of trees and wildlife.


Providing the necessary infrastructure to generate sustainable impact.


Educating local communities on tree planting and community working.

Job & Income

Supporting local communities, farmers and families with income generation.

Community Building

Building a network of communities on national and international scale.

Interested in planting trees with us?

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