Uganda Tree Planting - Forestmatic

Forestmatic x Kijani Forestry

Everything you need to know about how we plant, our tree nursery, local community support generated by the Forestmatic x Kijani Forestry partnership.

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We work with our partner Kijani Forestry for tree planting.

A Forestmatic x Kijani Tree Nursery has been built for the nursing of trees, after which they are planted in the Kijani x Forestmatic Exclusive Reforestation Site.

Tree Nursery

Kijani has built a Forestmatic Tree Nursery for the nursing of seedlings into saplings before they are planted with the local communities.

Planting Sites

Dedicated sites for tree plantation on farmer and community lands, owned and maintained by them, with the support of Kijani to reassure growth.

Proof Of Work

Forestmatic x Kijani is all about transparency & trust. We provide 1 capture as proof-of-planting of all trees planted.

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Beyond reforestation
and tree planting.

Kijani also supports local communities through their mission to combat deforestation with the educated production of sustainable fuelwood product.

Farmer Education

Nursery Hub Building

Farmer Income

Sustainable Charcoal

Gulu, Uganda.

Planting trees in Gulu, Ugunda makes a difference. Educating and supporting local communities, as well as planting trees in a historic deforestation hotspot. Press play on the map to witness the tree coverage loss in Uganda over the past decade.

tree species

We plant diverse
tree species.

Gmelina Arborea is one of our tree species which are fast growing deciduous trees. They are strong CO2 sequencers ideal for the preserving of our ecosystem, whilst providing income for local farmers.

Maesopsis Eminii

Acacia Polyacantha

Markhamia Lutea

Terminalia Brownii

Piliostigma Thonningii

Gmelina Arborea

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Tree Planting Impact

For more information about the true impact of our reforestations efforts with Kijani Forestry for a greener earth, visit our Impact Estimations & Conversions page. Read more about why plant in Uganda and scientific tree planting environmental impact estimations.

Estimations & Conversions
Generated Impact

Forestmatic x Kijani

Forestmatic x Kijani plants trees for a greener Earth, but it doesn't end there. See the full extent of the positive impact our partnership is generating here.

Tree Planting

Planting trees to offset carbon footprint of products and services sold.


Growing where it matters to counter climate change on a global scale.


Providing the necessary infrastructure to generate green impact.


Educating local communities on tree planting and community working.

Job & Income

Supporting local communities, farmers and families with income generation.

Community Building

Building a network of communities on national and international scale.

Interested in planting trees with us?

Our Plug & Plant onboarding will have you planting in no time!