Forestmatic, in partnership with Folia Project, is providing MITECO registered tree planting projects throughout Spain. Resulting in carbon offsets recognized by the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition, while providing proof-of-work with individual tree tracking, and proof-of-survival with drone data.


Forestmatic x Folia Project

Tree planting activities for land area restoration across Spain registered and approved by the MITECO. Tailored for Spanish brands and businesses which are committed to officially reporting and offsetting their carbon emissions through the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition

Tree Planting in Spain

We focus our efforts on reforesting key regions in Spain, restoring and protecting vital ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.

Digital Verification, Monitoring, and Data Distribution

With individual tree-tracking and drone data, we have developed a robust digital infrastructure that ensures transparency, enables near real-time monitoring, and facilitates seamless data distribution for complete accountability.

MITECO Certification

Our projects are officially recognized by MITECO and registered in their public registry, highlighting the compliance and effectiveness of our initiatives, while providing to our clients an official stamp to reinforce their positioning.

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Bringing Transparency
to the Standard

By meticulously selecting project locations, identifying native tree species, and adhering to MITECO's guidelines, we are creating lasting positive change, while ensuring transparent monitoring and verification tools. Our projects not only restore natural habitats but also provide essential ecological services, combat soil erosion, and foster biodiversity.

Proof of Planting

Individual Tree Tracking

Proof of Growth

Drone Monitoring


Last year there were more than 500 fire alerts reported in the Spanish territory, leaving more than 300 000 hectares of burnt land behind.

Tracking & Monitoring

What it means to
Track & Monitor.

Forestmatic provides a level of tracking, monitoring and reporting like never before. We provide Proof-of-Planting by geolocating and capturing each tree planted, resulting in visual and analytical data reported through our solution. We provide Proof-of-Survival by executing a drone flight over the planted area after 10 to 12 months, verifying the status and conditions of the restored area.

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Impact in Europe

By supporting this work, we are directly contributing to 2 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations (U.N.). As a recognized actor by the U.N. of the “Decade on Ecosystem Restoration” we are proud to promote Climate Action (SDG 13); 15 – Life on Land (SDG 15)

Pricing per Offset

Project Pricing

Registered Offsets

With a minimum offset requirement of 10 tons of CO2.

Company Dashboard Profile & Admin Panel Access

Proof of Planting through Individual Tree Tracking

Proof of Survival through Drone Monitoring

Tree Tracker & Tree Inspector for User Engagement

Optional tree counting digital Widget or Banner for your website

Option to name your digital forest

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