All trees planted with Forestmatic in Europe will actively contribute to the EU's pledge to plant 3 billion additional trees by 2030 through the creation of biodiversity-rich and multifunctional forests.


We work with qualified partners across Europe

Under the European Green Deal, the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 commits to planting at least 3 billion additional trees in the EU by 2030 in full respect of ecological principles. We carefully select our partners to promote regional and inter-regional cooperation with private land owners and public institutions, aimed at 3 different goals.

Tree Coverage

Europe's forests are an essential carbon stock. EU forests take up currently around 10% of the total EU emissions, and their capacity may depend on extension, vegetation and changing environmental conditions.


Trees are planted in full respect of ecological principles, with the right tree species in forests, agricultural areas, urban and peri-urban areas and along infrastructure corridors, in an effort to increase tree cover in the EU to sustain wildlife and biodiversity.

Climate Change

Forests provide a range of ecosystem services to society which are worth around € 130 billion annually, playing crucial roles for recreation, clearing pollutants from air and water, preventing floods and storing carbon.

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Beyond reforestation
and tree planting.

Forestmatic contributes to the Europe 3 Billion Trees pledge by reporting to the Forest Information System for Europe providing tracking technologies that helps us monitoring impact.

Proof of Planting

Proof of Growth

Forest Mapping

EU Reporting


Did you know that forests covers about 35% of the land area of Europe, making it one of the most forest rich areas in the world.

tree species

We plant diverse
tree species.

We only plant native tree species, unless it can be demonstrated that they are no longer adapted to projected climatic, soil and hydrological conditions. All projects are developed following direct benefit for biodiversity and the climate, excluding the planting of invasive alien species.

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Impact in Europe

All the trees planted in Europe are intended for permanence, with an estimated carbon sequestration of about 200 kg per tree over the following 20 years. By supporting the European 3 Billion Trees pledge, we contribute to at least 2 Sustainable Development Goals: 13 – Climate Action; 15 – Life on Land, and potentially more depending on the project specification.

Let's Keep Track

Europe 3 Billion Trees Pledge

We are determined to assist tracking the progress for the EU 3 billion trees pledge. Based on all trees registered under the FISE, the pledge as a whole has planted between 0.1% and 0.5% of the target amount.

Interested in contributing to the 3 Billion Trees pledge?

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