What is Earth Month?

Earth Month is a global celebration for Earth where individuals and companies take action to protect it.

When is Earth Month?

Earth Month takes place throughout the whole of April. Earth Day takes place on the 22nd of April.

Why Earth Month?

Earth Month & Day are the largest civic events in the world, with over a billion people participating each year.

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Your Brand's Dashboard Profile.

This Earth Month, planting any quantity of trees with Forestmatic provides your brand with a visual and analytical dashboard profile for the upcoming year. Displaying a variety of metrics, project insights, individual tree captures, and data for each tree planted.

Sustainability Profile

Location & Traceability


Individual Tree Tracking

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Data & Tools for Your Campaign.

Provide a kick-ass user experience to your audience with trees that are traceable through the following digital tools:

Tree Tracker is a tool that allows anyone around the world to trace any tree shared by your brand profile. The Tree Tracker provides a journey with individual tree data, imagery and drone tracking.

Tree Inspector is a tool that provides detailed insights about an individual tree with data such as tree capture, planter selfie, capture date, location and impact owner.

Tree Link is an individual link to one digital tree. Each tree can be nicknamed and shared using its unique tree link.
for example

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We make it Quick & Simple.

Pick up contact through our chat bot or click contact below. Ask us any doubts and questions, or indicate your tree planting project of choice and the quanity of trees your brand requires. We will take care of the everything else!