Forestmatic selected as Technology for the Public Interest by X4Impact

We are delighted to announce that thanks to our work at Forestmatic we have been selected as Technology for Public Interest (Tech4PI) by X4Impact, the leading data insights, research, and advisory services company for social innovation in the USA.

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Lauren Savant

Their data intelligence platform processes billions of data points, organized by UN Sustainable Development Goals, to provide the crucial insights, advice, and tools leaders need to amplify their business impact.

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By focusing on ecosystemic issues, x4impact has selected Forestmatic’s sustainability model as it demonstrates the follow key characteristics:

  • 1. Long-lasting operational capacity - capacity building means helping to teach people to fish instead of giving them fish as technology does not solve problems; people do.

  • 2. Data-driven, under ethical principles - transforming data into knowledge, working under ethical and privacy principles to process the data collected as part of mission delivery.

  • 3. Impact measurement - quantifiable impact on mission delivery, with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) embedded in the fundamentals of the business model.

  • 4. Inclusive and empathetic - generating lasting community employment, training facilities and digitization to empower underserved populations.

  • 5. Collective impact - delivering systemic change with the participation of society’s sectors such as nonprofit organizations, governments, universities, private sector companies and individuals.

Technology for the Public Interest (#Tech4PI) is a field dedicated to leveraging technology and proven sustainability models to support organizations in the social sector in delivering on their missions. When an independent software vendor (ISV), social entrepreneur, or tech innovator meets the full set of Tech4PI Principles, they can display this certification badge on their website, which links to their listing on the X4impact platform as a Tech4PI Certified technology solution.

We are thrilled to be part of the largest active directory of Tech-for-Good Solutions in the US to address mission-critical and infrastructure needs - from fundraising and cybersecurity to mental health and climate change.

Lauren Savant