Forestmatic Completes the Google Startups for Sustainable Development 2023 Impact Measurement Program

Businesses are increasingly acknowledging their role in shaping a sustainable future, and Forestmatic is no exception, continuing to lead by example by successfully completing the Google Startups for Sustainable Development 2023 Impact Measurement Program. This milestone not only underscores Forestmatic’s commitment but also highlights the growing emphasis on data-driven sustainability strategies in the corporate landscape.

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Lauren Savant

The journey to sustainable development is often shadowed by complexity. However, through its participation in the Google Startups for Sustainable Development program, Forestmatic has accumulated a profound understanding of the U.N Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a blueprint for global progress - and is now equipped to measure and report its impact, navigate the dynamic landscape of sustainable development with agility, and ensure that its aspirations are translated into well-defined, actionable targets.

At the heart of Forestmatic's success story lies its ability to measure and report its own impact comprehensively. Its data-driven and transparent approach along with the valuable assistance of startup Treety, has resulted in a symphony where data is at the center of the stage. This symphony resonates with themes of transparency and accountability, accentuating Forestmatic’s commitment to making a difference and showcasing it on a global scale. By tracking its progress over time, Forestmatic has a deep understanding of how to fine-tune strategies, rectify shortcomings, and ultimately drive positive influence on our world.

The Google Startups for Sustainable Development 2023 Impact Measurement Program stands as a testament to Forestmatic's proactive stance in shaping a better future. Designed explicitly to empower startups in measuring and reporting their impact on the SDGs, this program has become a launchpad for Forestmatic's journey and a catalyst for positive change.

In the pursuit of sustainability, tangible results are the true testament of commitment. Forestmatic's collaborative efforts with four NGOs have yielded remarkable outcomes. This data is the result proceeding from the more than 200 000 trees planted in the first 2 years of operations. In calculating our impact we have used estimates of carbon sequestration which are always available at Forestmatic’s Impact Estimations & Conversions page, while the total land area restored is calculated considering an average planting density across all sites of 3000 trees per hectare, to facilitate understanding. So, let's take a glance at the results achieved so far:

  • Tree Planting Milestones:
    - 2021: 29 832 trees planted
    - 2022: 183 232 trees planted

  • Land Area Restoration:
    - 2021: 10 hectares restored
    - 2022: 65 hectares restored

  • Carbon Sequestration:
    - 2021: 1 888.37 tCO2 sequestered
    - 2022: 194 061 tCO2 sequestered

These numbers aren't just statistics; they are milestones in the journey towards a greener, more sustainable world. It's a statement that sustainable practices are not just ethical considerations but strategic imperatives. By integrating data-driven methodologies, transparency, and collaboration, Forestmatic showcases the blueprint for responsible business growth that others can emulate.

Learn more about the Journey of our Trees, available Tree Planting Projects, and visit every tree planted with our Tree Tracker.

Lauren Savant