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All base models and custom tree planting options for client businesses to leverage our technology into their sustainability journey. Alternatively, we are also open to custom requests by clients.

Trees per Sale
0.65 /tree

per online store sale

Forestmatic Service Fee

Automatically plant a tree per e-commerce transaction

Digital widget or banner plugin options

Transparent company impact dashboard profile

Individual tree tracking and 2 year Proof of Work (PoW)

Tailored CO2 offesetting plan for yearly forecasted sales

Option to additionally plant trees per physical store sales

Option to plant different tree species (at additional cost)

Start planting
Trees per Employee
6.5 /month

per employee

Forestmatic Service Fee

Plant minimum 10 trees per employee per month

Compensate for average employee CO2 footprint

Transparent company impact dashboard profile

Individual tree tracking and 2 year Proof of Work (PoW)

Option to additionally gift trees to employees

Option to plant different tree species (at additional cost)

Start planting
One-Time Offset
0.65 /tree

per offset

Minimum offset of 1000 trees

Offset a set amount of Carbon Dioxide

Offset a business event or activity

CO2 offesetting consultation plan for business activities

Immediate reforestation impact

Impact dashboard profile for a fixed annual fee

Option to plant different tree species (at additional cost)

Make an offset
Custom Reforestation Services

Reforestation service models for any business.

Plant trees and compensate for your CO2, through a Reforestation as a Service model tailored to fit your business needs.

Delivery Footprint Offsets

We measure each invidual product delivery's CO2 footprint. Which is then offset through tree plantation.

Event & Competition Offsets

Stimulate user engagement for online events and competitions by planting a tree per viewer or participant.

Boost Conversions

Plant trees stimulate user or viewer conversions. E.g. Plant a tree per completed form.

Marketing Campaigns

Plant trees to drive audience engagements in marketing and sales campaigns.

Green HR Campaigns

Motivate your employees with additional sustainability impact by gifting trees based on performance targets.

Traveling Workforce

Offset the CO2 emmisions of any and all transportation made by your company workforce.

Building Footprint Offsets

Offset your corporate building's CO2 footprint through the plantation of trees.

Loyalty Schemes

Boost your client and customer loyalty with sustainability driven loyalty schemes.

Customized Model

Get in contact to design a customised CO2 offset model that is tailored to your business needs.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

Forestmatic Service Fees & Pricing

A little more about our service fee.

2 answers

Forestmatic charges an annual service fee to all clients depending on their service model of choice and customized requests. The service fee accounts for administrative expenses, custom tech developments or enhancements, and maintenance expenses.

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We currently charge a fixed minimum price per tree of 0.65€. This is a minimum as the price per tree may increase based on client requests for a specific tree species, or a custom reforestation project site.

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Forestmatic Service Models

A little more about our base models, and customer Reforestation as a Service models.

4 answers

Jump into our contact page and explain your business's sustainability needs, and the model you have in mind. After a more in-depth conversation with you, we will follow up with an offer tailored to your business requirements.

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Not just yet. Our technology is growing fast and bringing more and more automation to the table. Currently, our base models are currently semi-automated reforestation as a service models, but custom and tailored models may require small monthly tasks to be performed by the client.

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Absolutely, we are here to support and guide your sustainability journey. Forestmatic offers free consultations to any client interested in planting trees and reforesting the planet with us.

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You know it, the more the merrier. We support the promotion of your impact with our widget and banner options, as well as our impact dashboard, on which your company may have a profile that is publicly available to anyone.

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