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Forestmatic x Plantem - The Cerrado Project

Forestmatic and Plantem introduce the development of The Cerrado Project starting January 2022.

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Forestmatic and Plantem are developing a nature based solution during the first two quarters of 2022. The essence of the project is to introduce tree planting in the MATOPIBA region of Brazil for ecosystem restoration and conservation.

The Cerrado Project development is being funded by a Brazilian innovation fund, Land Innovation Fund, which was initially funded by Cargill and is currently managed by Chemonics International.

The Cerrado Project involves sustainable development initiatives across the supply chain of one of Brazil's most important commodities - soybeans. Soy is currently being exploited at a rate which is depleting the ecosystem of the MATOPIBA region resulting in the loss of hectares of forest and woodland to agricultural and pastoral land.

The map below can provide you with an idea of the rate of tree cover loss over time in the MATOPIBA region of Brazil.

The Cerrado Project will involve local farmers in the target area with the objective to go beyond the environmental benefits of the project, offering social and economic benefits to the local population. This community-based project will introduce tree planting activities to local soybean farmers, creating a balance within the exponentially-growing farmer community, and between land used for soy farming versus tree planting and ecosystem restoration.

The development of The Cerrado Project begins in January 2022 and is expected to run for 6 months, after which impact investment options will be available to any brand or business around the world. If your business is interested in planting trees and offsetting carbon footprint whilst generating positive social, economic and environmental impact for local communities and the MATOPIBA ecosystem as a whole,, get in Contact with us.

Additional sources about the Cerrado Project and MATOPIBA region:

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