Alpha Version - Forestmatic

Forestmatic Solution - Alpha Version

Updated 03/11/2020

Alpha Version Description

Forestmatic’s Alpha Version is our first ever release. It is a set of products aimed at offering a digital Reforestation as a Service solution, purposed to empower any e-commerce or digitally selling business to offset the negative impact of products and services sold by planting trees.

The service is completely free to its users (online buyers) and is designed to maximize reforestation impact through the offering of a new, unique and purposeful digital customer experience. The core elements of our solutions are:

The Impact Dashboard – publicly available to any stakeholder for all client ecommerce in order to transparently track their reforestation efforts.

The FMC Digital Banners & Widgets – available for any client ecommerce in order to display their reforestation impact in their website and store.

The FMC Browser Extension – available for any user in order to search for partner ecommerces and keep track of their personal reforestation contribution.

Through the Alpha Version of our solution, we aim to generate improvements and updates, deploying these improvements at any given time. Our team has taken all necessary steps in privacy and data security, as well as securities to reassure solution reliability.

Though, due to the nature of this early adoption phase, bugs, malfunctionings and solution downtimes could take place. Forestmatic will not be held liable for any solution reliability claims. We will take all actions necessary to solve any bugs or malfunctionings as soon as possible.

We perform daily reviews and tests to overview the solution’s operational performance. If at any point of time, debugging and/or maintenance works are required, our team will take immediate action.

For all the reasons hereby explained, we encourage you to provide any feedback, comments, ideas, improvements or suggestions with respect to the solution and service. This information shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Forestmatic, who may adopt any suggestion for any intended purpose and in any way, without any credit or any compensation, in order to improve the service as part of its Alpha Version.

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